YouGov Review

YouGov is a public opinion and date company that rewards users for answering surveys and polls about certain issues and topics.

With more than six million members, YouGov works with over a thousand companies worldwide that tap its services to collect public opinion on issues–politics, sports, current events, entertainment–and topics. It takes pride in being a trusted firm when it comes to providing survey data and a favorite choice among online paid survey sites.

YouGov also has other services such as perception tracker and online consumer behavior tracking. It has a tool for media planning, segmentation, and forecasting. It also publishes syndicated reports that give companies insight into market intelligence across a broad range if industry sectors. It also conducts qualitative and quantitative research, depending on the needs of clients.

Members who take part in YouGov polls and YouGov surveys will be awarded with reward points, which they can redeem for gift cards of vouchers.