SpringboardAmerica Review

Springboard America was launched in 2009 by a company called Vision Critical (now known as Maru/Blue). SpringboardAmerica.com claims to be one of the leading online market research companies in the United States. Memberships are available to people all over the world, and new members will be entered into a $1,000 sweepstakes.

Members of Springboard America have earned a significant amount of money and rewards by using the site. For example, in a single month, the site has distributed over $60,000 to members.

Springboard America members earn by completing surveys that cover a wide range of topics. Members will get points (called “Survey Dollars”) for each completed survey. Earnings per survey range from 50 points (worth $0.50) to 500 points (worth $5).

A member can request a payout as soon as they’ve earned a minimum of 5,000 points (which is worth $5). Springboard America has lots of reward options, from Amazon gift cards, iTunes cards, and cash.