MoviePass Review

MoviePass is a digital movie pass platform. For an introductory price of $9.95 a month (regular price is $19.95), which is billed annually, members can use the app to watch movies in theaters — most theaters in the United States accept MoviePass. There are two types of memberships in MoviePass: a three-movie subscription cycle, which limits the number of movies you can watch to three per month. And then there is an uncapped membership where members can watch one movie per day for the entire month.

To get started, members sign up to receive their MoviePass card. They then install the app on their mobile phones. From the app, users will be able to browse available movies, and which theaters accept MoviePass. This roster of movies includes current blockbusters  – if a movie is showing in the cinema, and the establishment accepts MoviePass, you can watch it. Schedules for new movies will be posted every Wednesday. MoviePass will also give members exclusive access to red carpet events, subscriber-only screenings, and other perks.

Movie fans can stay connected with the company on social media, and share their feedback and reviews.