GlobalTestMarket Review

GlobalTestMarket is a market research community site that rewards its users for sharing their opinions on different products and services being developed by its partner companies. It promises to reward users for sharing opinions that directly influence global market research and product development.

Interested users can join for free by signing up and validating their email addresses. Once registered, users will be asked a few more questions that will help determine the type of surveys that will be sent to them.

Categories of online paid surveys that users will be made to answer include movies, restaurants, cars, consumer products, current events, and many more. Users stand to earn points for completing the paid surveys, as well as points that will serve as sweepstakes entries.

These points may be redeemed for rewards from Amazon, PayPal, Macy’s, Kohl’s. Users may also choose to redeem those points in exchange for a UNICEF charity donation.

GlobalTestMarket was founded in 1999 and works with Lightspeed, a leading market research provider that helps companies with online consumer research in several countries.