eGifter Review

eGifter is an online shop for gift cards. Shoppers have the option of having their gift cards sent via email, text, or hand-delivery. In addition to those options, eGifter has a “group gift” option. Using this feature, people can chip-in to buy a gift for a special person, such as a teacher, parent, coach, or birthday celebrant.

The site offers a wide variety of gift cards. Some of the more popular options include cards for Amazon, Walmart, iTunes, Macy’s, AMC Theatres, Lowe’s, Dunkin Donuts, Uber, Domino’s Pizza, Target, The Home Depot, GameStop, Nordstrom, HBO Now, and Nike. These cards suit a wide range of interests and personalities. The site even has its own eGifter Choice Card, which can be used in several popular shops and establishments, including Amazon.

Members of eGifter can also earn points by buying gift cards. These points can be used to pay for future gift cards. The site has a feature that lets members post their own eGifter review.