Decluttr Review

Decluttr is an easy, fast and reliable way to sell stuff–mobile phones, tech, games, CDs, books, and DVDs–online.

Potential sellers can notify Decluttr what items they want to dispose of and they will immediately receive a valuation of these items. If you’re amenable with the amount given, pack the stuff in a box and ship it to Decluttr. Payment is expected a day after the item arrives. Decluttr also offers a 70-point diagnostic check on phones.

For gadgets, Decluttr offers valuation prices that are at least 30% higher than most buyback programs will give. Users who have left Decluttr reviews say this is one of the features that they love about the company.

It also has a Tech Price Promise which guarantees that they get the first prize being offered. All Tech items are covered by a 12-month limited warranty.

Decluttr, a certified refurbished tech, offers free shipping on all orders. It sells on Amazon and eBay and has sold more than 3 million products in just one year.